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  • All dolls come with a custom box opening full of all the newborn baby essentials
  •  Premium Quality Materials: Our full silicone baby dolls are crafted from liquid platinum silicone gel, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Rigorous quality testing guarantees their durability, non-toxic nature, and compliance with child safety regulations.
  •  Soft and Lifelike: The dolls feature meticulously crafted skin with a soft and elastic touch, replicating the feel of a baby's delicate skin. allowing for adorable posing. The lifelike facial details, fingers, and toes provide an authentic hugging and cuddling experience for children.
  •  Safe Waterproof Design and Bathtub Compatibility: Our dolls have waterproof features, allowing them to be safely bathed. Children can simulate real baby care routines, fostering hygiene awareness and responsibility.
  • Parent-Child Interaction and Educational Aid: Our full silicone baby dolls serve as more than just toys; they strengthen parent-child relationships. Through interactive play, children mimic caregiving, playtime, and learning scenarios, nurturing a sense of responsibility, empathy, and essential life skills. This parent-child interaction and educational aid deepen family bonds and create a warm home atmosphere.
  •  Versatile Applications: Perfect as a gift from family members to children, our dolls cater to DINK households and enthusiasts, serve as stress-relief tools for adults, and can be used as props for infant education videos. The versatility of our full silicone baby dolls allows for different experiences, including companionship, collection, relaxation, and educational enjoyment.

Girl - Jenny - 18 inch Silicone Doll - Box Opening

SKU: 0001
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