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Hi Christina, I hope I'm posting in the right place! Witchy Woman from youtube here, I saw your video regarding a giveaway for the cuddle baby and I'd like to enter. I'm new to the reborn baby world, and I have a couple of tiny all-silicone babies that were inexpensive, and I simply adore them. A true reborn is out of my budget, but I couldn't help but fall in love with your little cuddle-baby, Polly. That's a perfect name for her, given the Polly Pocket association, and made me think of my dear friend Poppy, who sadly passed from this life a few years back. If I were to win this little munchkin, I think I'd have to name her Poppy as a tribute to the incredible woman who would be her namesaker...not to mention she's so cute and small, she reminds me of a tiny flower bud, d'awww! Thank you for your generosity, good luck to everyone entering! I'm sure whoever wins her will give her a loving home. Warm wishes!


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